RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing)

As an external service provider, we take over your recruitment processes for a part or all of your open positions.

Our service includes the management of the entire recruitment process, from the internal assignment clarification to welcome your new employee on his/her first day - you decide which tasks you want hand over to us.


Our range of services include:

  • the assignment clarification or process consulting with your respective contact person, including the formulation of a targeted job description, setting the procurement strategy as well as process documentation and the arranging of the general cooperation including the expected time frame
  • optimising the different recruitment channels, such as websites, Social Media, PR, advertising and trade fairs
  • posting of job vacancies, respectively, contracting of external agencies
  • additionally, we also award recruiting jobs to recruitment agencies (Vendor Management)

In the next step, HR Projectmanagement takes over:

  • your entire candidate administration, including scheduling, preparation and conduct of interviews as well as the associated contract negotiations
  • management and controlling of the recruitment process
  • advising on appropriate candidates and, during the entire application process, with regard to the decision-making
  • onboarding including the welcoming of the new employee on his/her first day
  • the extensive know-how transfer during the mutual cooperation
  • the technical expertise to answer questions about the labour market and recruiting

It is our goal not to find the "Best" one, but the "Right" one for you!

Your advantages with HR Projectmanagement:

  • lower and fully variable costs
  • accurate resource control
  • transparent and calculable costs
  • no headcount build-up, no overhead costs
  • professional handling by specialists (economies of scope)
  • higher quality through performance goals
  • know-how transfer to your company

Increase the quality of your recruitment process with a strategic partner.

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