About Us

Strategy and Position

HR Projectmanagement is a specialized management consultancy for project implementation of human resource tasks. Our field of operations includes the areas of personnel development, personnel management, reorganisation and recruitment.

Our customers are primarily HR departments for which we assume a variety of tasks. Key issues, such as personnel restructuring and recruitment, business transfers and outsourcing, goal-setting and feedback systems, leadership workshops or coaching, are just some examples of our scope of work.

When it comes to bringing in experienced HR consultants in projects within a short time frame, we are the right partner for you. Hereby, the strategy and a well-thought approach for the area of HR are important to us. The aim of this strategy is to support the HR area within a company on its way to a adequate position and role.

Values and Vision

Our value system always focuses on people.

The HR departments of companies are set to become a fundamental part of the corporate value chain. After all, they are responsible for the most important entrepreneurial commodity: the staff.

Success is measured by how successful corporate visions, goals and strategies can be implemented through intelligent, future-ensured, but also creative personnel management. Based on this premise, our work is determined by sustainability, transparency and autonomy. For you, this means that our effectiveness matches our remuneration, that advisory processes are presented in a comprehensible way and that boundries are recognised and respected.

We maintain the necessary distance, but also deal with every relevant detail of the strategic positioning and employability of your employees. It is our experience that gives you security - and turns potentials into marketable competencies.

Our critical-constructive consultation is based on a long-term work experience in the market and on the knowledge that "knowledge is only interesting where it ends" (loosely adapted from Justus von Liebig).