About the Company

HR Projectmanagement was founded in autumn 2002 as a sole proprietorship and has traded successfully since December 2004 as a limited company.

As a privately owned and focused consulting firm, we have specialised nationwide in advising HR departments. Our regional focus is in the Rhine-Main region. This also results in the fact that many of our customers are from the banking and service industries.


Based on a strong service orientation, we offer a lot of "HR know-how" that makes our work successful for you. This service orientation is not confined to the topics of our workshops, moderations and coachings, but is also consistently applied in a vibrant customer orientation by our consultants. Living by the creed, that the elaboration of individual competencies is an immense resource for everyone, an authentic and convincing consultation becomes possible, which leads to extraordinary success for our customers. Within the last years, HR Projectmanagement has become a leading and recognized consulting firm in the service industry.

We have a team of full-time employees and consultants, which is complemented by a pool of "fixed-freelance" staff as consultants, coaches, trainers or moderators. This allows a great flexibility in response to your specific needs.