PDO (Personnel Development Outsourcing)

The progress of each company includes a progressive human resources development.

As an external service provider, we take over in-house staff development processes as a supplement or support to your HR department.

Our service includes all facets of innovative personnel development.


Here are some examples of projects:

  • introducing a leadership feedback (180 degrees), including process planning, design of processes and procedures, programming of the online tool as well as facilitation of the event
  • executive coaching of the first two levels of management by our certified coaches
  • implementation of a new assessment system, including the associated workshops for managers
  • 360 degree feedback - including the process planning, process flow design, programming of the online tool and evaluation of the results
  • conduct of employee and team surveys (online/paper-based), as well as the elaboration of the results
  • online potential analysis for professional and managerial staff
  • single and multi-day leadership workshops on methodological skills, personal development and social skills
  • seminars for burn-out prevention
  • introduction and orientation programs for new employees
  • career programmes for qualified young professionals

For a continuous improvement in performance and a sustainable securing of competencies, HR Projectmanagement offers you the following benefits as a costumer:

  • lower and fully variable costs
  • accurate resource control
  • transparent and calculable costs
  • everything without headcount build-up and overhead costs
  • higher quality through performance goals
  • professional handling by specialists (economies of scope)
  • know-how transfer within your company

We reinforce strengths and anticipate weaknesses!

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